The integrated product line consists of single and two channel high-performance class D amplifiers which incorporate a compact auto switching SMPS. The modules are optimised for integration within many audio applications and include features like universal mains, PFC/Simple Control, OCP/OTP are safety and EMC compliance. The small form factor and low weight add convenience in the design of audio products. The modules can be combined as building blocks to generate a wide variety of 1 - 8 channels applications in Professional, Consumer, and Commercial audio products.

High Power

The High Power (HP) series is a line of two-channel amplifier modules that set the bar for maximum amplification, with an integrated universal SMPS with PFC. Power ratings range from 1000W to 1800W, with support for Hi-Z and low-Z modes. It is bridgeable to provide high-power mono output, reaching the maximum available amplification from Peak Amplification.

Superior Performance

The Superior Performance (SP) series comprises two-channel amplifiers with integrated auto-switching SMPS. Power ratings range from 300W to 700W, with support for Hi-Z and low-Z modes. All these modules are bridgeable to provide high-power mono output.

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